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Everything you need to know about smudging, sage, and palo santo

2020 has been a difficult year, to say the very least. Our hearts are heavy, and full of sadness because of everything happening around the world. We wanted to share with you a practice we believe can help in these dark times to bring in love and light: smudging.   WHAT IS SMUDGING? Smudging means to burn natural elements (plants, wood, flowers, etc.) with a set intention. It combines spirit and matter: matter from natural elements and body movements and spirit from your thought and intentions interacting with the energy and vibrations in the atmosphere. Smoke is always in movement, which is why it is associated with the power to move out heavy energy from a space. It also dissipates,...

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Recycling: making it a daily habit

Hi everyone! We are very excited to share with you all our project which we´ve been working on for quite a while now: Intemporel Life & Style, a place where you will find sustainable and handmade products where we want to offer you brands that are committed to its people and the environment. This idea sprouted from a concern for wanting to do something to change our habits and lifestyle and be more aware that there is no planet B. We will be sharing with you more along the way, so make sure to join us on our journey to living a slower and more sustainable lifestyle, we´re sure you will love it too. Today, I would like to talk...

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